How to Use – Gmail’s Send eMail as option

Hi Guys, if you want to use Gmail’s email account for use with personal domain name email, just follow few steps as below

Step 1: Open Gmail Settings [Gear Icon] and then click Settings as shown in image

Step 2: And now click on Accounts tab under setting window and then click on Add another email address you own as shown in image

Step 3: Now enter Name and eMail ID of your personal domain which You want to use in your existing Gmail ID as shown in image and Press next step button, again next step button and then send verification button

Step 4: Now find Verification Mail in Your mail account which you was fill Email address field. Copy verification code from mail and then Paste to verification Window, after paste verification code Press verify button.

Step 5: Finally confirm to use Compose new email and try send mail from new mail address, which added by you previously. As shown below image.

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